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99ProSolution's Quizzer is an instant recipe for creating online exams and conducting tests. One can now go ahead and make online quizzes, prepare tests and assess capabilities of their employees and students. We have free ready-to-use sample templates, quick grading and easy-to-understand analysis that make it a hassle-free entertainment. One click at the analysis tab and you get a summary of the tests you have created vis-a-vis scores of participants. Quizzing being so simplified,lets Go Quiz.


How it works?

A two-step login creates your profile in our database. You are now free to move ahead and make your own quiz. Once you share the quiz link with your participants through social media, they can take the quiz anytime. The best part is that auto-scoring provides you results immediately.



Create your user profile at our website. You can do so by entering your current mail ID as username for instance. Set a password and your done.

Make it

create quiz

Select the type of quiz and name a title. Write your first question and give options/ leave an empty space for open-ended questions. Repeat the process for as many questions you like and your quiz is ready.

Share it


You would now be able to share your quiz on various social platforms as well as mail a shareable link to your users.

Analyse Results


You can decide categories of scores say each representing a personality type. You can now provide a specific result based analysis to each score set.

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